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Indiana Railroads

A Villainous Act

Advice to Wives

Coate's Protracting Table

Crows--Mode of Catching

The Mexican Railroad

The Old Printer

Railroad News

Inland Navigation

A National Fast

Singular Phenomena

Singular Phenomenon

Barry's Tricopherous

Cholera in St. Louis

Electricity and Cholera

Extraordinary Trial in India

Wear of the Niagara Falls

A New Old Invention

Drought in the West Indies

Cotton in Iron Hoops

The Moorish Sabbath

Camelina Sativa

Another Great Discovery--Sensitive Glass

South American Cotton Factory

Sir John Franklin

Singular Freak of Lightning

Rich Present

A Painful Sight

To Cook Green Peas

Lawyers' Mistakes

Nature and Relations of Water

The Specific Gravity of Liquids

To Manufacture Attar or Essential Oil of Roses

The Use of Camels

Worcester Railroad

Machine for Letter Envelopes

New Cotton Press

New Engine Governor

Baker's Steam Governor

Improvements in Ship Apparatus

Copper Type

Assaying Metals

Artificial Leech

Preservation of Life From Wrecka

New Rice Pounding Machine

New Inventions

Interesting to Navigators

Machinery and its Economy

Adirondac American Cast Steel

Filtering Water

Flour in Bags

Food in Cholera Times

Reception of Father Mathew

American Queensware

Newspapers in Europe

Model Making

Superlative Unconcern

List of Patents

Making a Mark

Blowing Furnaces on Sunday

The History of Steam Navigation

Chlorine Gas--Muriatic Acid

England as it Will Be

Cures for Rheumatism

British National Debt

Gothic Architecture

The Best Mechanical Paper In The World !

To Make Domestic Vinegar

Disinfectant Liquid

To Make a Stove as Bright as a Coach Body by Two Applications a Year

White Printing Paper

Patent Laws and Business

New Novel

Manufacture of Glass


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July 14, 1849

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