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Pointed Shoes

Lecture From Mrs. Brown

Grapes at All Seasons

Another Tubular Bridge

Rise of a Factory Boy

Stand as an Anvil When Beaten Down

New Spike Heading Machine

Suit for Ejecting a Passenger From a Railroad Car

Railroad News

Worcester Railroad

Great Steamboat Speed

Dr. Cartwright's (of New Orieans,) Treatment of Cholera

Cholera Specifies, Opinions, & C

The Hay Crop in Maine

A New Outlet for Yankee Produce

A Painful Picture

Quinine and Cholera

Essentially Mean

A Cow Worth Having

Onions for Cholera

Electricity and the Cholera

Cholera and Thunder

A New Remedy for Cholera

Present to Prince Albert

Chloride of Lime

Sweet Oil of Turpentine

Reform of the British Service

Happy Fellows

Gas and Cholera

Bed Bugs

Great Sea Fight

Variety and Vividness of Colors in Flowers



Curious Phenomenon

The Ocean

Geology of Charleston, (S. C.)

The Locality or Editors

Water Wheels, Their Construction, Disputed Point, & C

Paper and Book Folding Machine

New Process of Silvering Glass and Other Surfaces

Bakewell's Telegraph

New Measuring Instrument

New Material for Fixing Colors on Cotton, Woolen and Silk Goods

Kyanized Cordage

Improved Loom for Weaving Carpets and Other Figured Fabrics

New War Projectiles

Improved Feed Apparatus for Carding

Well Done Lake Ontario

Visit of the President to the Patent Office

To Reduce Chloride of Sliver

Indian Cobalt

The Patent Laws

European Newspapers

The Telegraph Controversy

Manufacture of Glass -- Annealing

Poison in Eggs

List of Patents

The State of Georgia

Snodgrass the Inventor

The History of Steam Navigation

Soft Soap

Liquid Glue


A Lost Art

Nitric Acid

Manchaneel Poison and its Antidote


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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