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Yankee Reasoning

Railroad News

Railroads in the United States and England

The Turf is Green Upon Thee

Canada Woolens

The Factory Girl

Progress of Telegraph Lines

Great Canal Project

Combined Capstan and Windlass

An American Doctress in France

African Grasshoppers

Use of Breakfast to the Bilious

A Curious Work of Nature

Looking Glasses Against Cannons

Hunting for Sunken Treasures

Hot House Fruits

To Wash a White Lace Veil

Thieving in Russia

The Cholera in New York

Silk in Louisiana

A Holland Windmill in the West

Lightning Conductors

Horse Shoes Fixed on Without Nails

The Benefit of Being Jilted

Wonderful Preservation

Cholera Prescriptions and Opinions

Chapter on Locusts

Bakewell's Copying Electro Telegraph

Alligators Boarded and Lodged


Preservation of Animal Matter

Electro Chemical Telegraph

Ira Avery's Wire Fence

Electric Steam Indicator and Signal

New Reaper, Thresher and Separator

Information to Inventors

New Flour Cleaner and Separator

Improvement in Hanging Ship' Rudders

Allen's Improved Regulator

Z. Knapp's Improved Wire Fence

Freedom in Europe

Bathing Rooms in the Factories at Manchester

Paper Hangings for Walls--Metallic Dust

Worcester, Mass, County Mechanics Association

Planing Machines.--Important Patent Case

Georgia Shoes

Overheated Horses

Health of Cities

The Controversial Letter


Habits of the Lion

Baker's Steam Boiler Furnace


List of Patents

The History of Steam Navigation

Restraint of Marriage

The Tea Plant


Patent Agency

Mode of Breeding Leeches in Scinde

American Locomotives

Rattlesnake Bite

Another Summer Drink

Nitrogen, Laughing Gas

Manufacture of Glass

Central Fires in the Earth

Substitute Paint Varnish

A Summer Drink

To Preserve Milk

The Best Mechanical Paper in the World !

Syrup for Coughs


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