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Travel Cheapened

The Mind That Makes the Man

Good Deeds

Railroad News

Panama Railroad

Pitcher's Hydraulic Motion Regulator

Preserving Summer Fruits

To Make Drawn Butter

Singular Preservation of a Glass Jar

Things Lost Forever


Serious Railroad Accident

Crocodile's Age

Cutting Telegraph Wires

The Cholera

Composition of Wheat

Strange Calculation

Stopping Newspapers

Black Lead

Best Currant Wine

Fire by Friction

An Earthquake

Newly Invented Tinting Tablets

Ocean Navigation Through the St. Lawrence River Still Interdicted


A Singular Lake

Physiology of Vision

Remedies Against the Cloth Moth

The Secret of Diligence

Singular Prophecy

Effects of Opium

Embroidery.--Hand and Power

Contraction and Expansion

Obligation to Brutes

To Sweeten Bread Without Sugar

Improvements in Steam Boilers

Apparatus for Raising Water from Deep Mines

Machine for Making the Copper Type

New Fire Arms

New Railroad Car Coupling

New Rotary Engine

Labor Saving Soap

Printers in Philadelphia

Sonth Carolina Cotton Crop

Honorable Plunderers

Professor Farraday and Lightning Rods

Dr. Comstock on Atmospheric Electricity

The Arts in England--Painting and Water Color

Mosaic Art

Mummy Cloths

Natural and Artificial Springs

Isthmus of Panama

The Inventor of the Propeller

The Eye

The Daring of Genius

Limestone Rock

List of Patents

Never Too Late to Learn

To make Linen, Cotton and Woolen Cloth Waterproof


Pale Brass Lacquer

Brown Hard Spirit Varnish

Electro Painting

The Best Mechanical Paper

The Use of Oxygen in Reducing Metals

Red Spirit Lacquer

Gold Lacquer


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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August 11, 1849

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