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American Steam Boats in India

Love of Flowers

Improved Power Loom

Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad

The Tunnel Falling

Railroad News

Reclaiming Clay Land

Sabbath Thoughts

Perilous Balloon Ascent and Descent

Indian Corn in England

Facts for Mechanics

Genius and Reality

The New Territories

Do Not Despise Small Things

English Supplies from the Black Sea, &C

Vegetable Remains in Coal

Riches and Poverty

Saying Grace in England

Skinning the Sable

Steam Marine of France

Susquehannah Trade

An Owl in a Queer Place

The Great Caravan

Chinese Burial-Place

National Convention of Inventors.--Patent Property

Boiling Springs of Iceland

Ship and Whale Collision

Temperature of Water in High Pressure Steam Boilers

The Desert of Sahara

New England Amusements

The Fan and Fly Wheel

Liquid for Cleaning Metal Castings

Manufacture of Parchment

Improvement in Planing Machines

Improvement on Shingle Machines

Improvement in Carriage Axles and Thimbles

Georgia Burr Mill Stones

To Unite Wrought and Cast Iron

Sanding Machine for Painters

New York Mechanics Institute

Horse Power of Engines and the Economy of Working Steam Expansively

German Silver

To Our Subscriber

Tobacco a Good Protection for Hot House Plants

Remarkable Statement About Cholera

Apparatus for Deep Sea Sounding

The Habit of Reading

List of Patents

Form and Density of the Globe

Wilson, the Vocalist

Embroidery.--Hand and Power

Starch in Fern Plants

Arab Women and Arab Workmen

The Maryland Tobacco Crop

Wool Growing in Illinois

Artificial Gems

The Best Mechanical Paper

American Phrenological Journal

A Fact to be Remembered

Precautions Against Poison


Water Cure Journal

Malt-Dust or “Sprouts.”

Iron Moulding


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August 18, 1849

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