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The Two Shadows

Substitute for Tea

Chinese Mode of Administering Oaths

Riots on Rail Roads

Old Times

Meat Cutting Apparatus


Fires in the Woods

Cattle on Railroads

Starvation in Ireland

Prussic Acid

The Green Wood

Hudson River Railroad

Sudden Death

How to Get Rid of Bad Smells Infection

Cholera at Sandusky

A Droll Comparison

Russian Army in Hungary

Old Wines

Heights of Localities in the Holy Land

Faber's Water Guage

Coming it Strong

Cincinnati Observatory

Remarkable Statement

Interesting to Mariners

Effects of Sugar Diet

The Five Points

Abdel Kader

Two Monsters Captured

Telegraphic Accuracy

A Trading Princess

A Descendant of Sir Isaac Newton

Insectual Leaping

A Noble and Daring Act

Poisons and Antidotes

Patent Office Building

Interesting Agricultural Experiments

Franklin Institute.--Circular Address of the Committee of Exhibition

Line of Steamers to New York From Scotland

Land and Water

Industrial Heroes

Artificial Quartz


Improvement in Button Manufactures

Beet Root Sugar

Alarm Whistle for Sea

Process for the Reduction or Sulphate of Lead to the State of Metallic Lead

New Invention for Paper Makers

Food Made of Indian Corn Meal

Discovery of Poison in a Body After Eight Years' Interment

Japan Lily

Florida Cotton Harvest

Street Paving

Wheat Crop in Ohio

The Longitude

British War Steamer Termagant and American Propellers

New Volume


Wheat Harvest

The Franklin Institute

Modesty in Giving Credit

Meterological Knowledge

Electricity as Known to the Ancients

Important to Travellers by Sea

List of Patents

Tea Drinking Amongst the Kalmucs

Scientific Men of France

Making Varnish

Silver Fire

Iron Moulding

Shrinking of Flannel


Galvinizing Iron

Scientific Meeting

Hydrogen Gas--No. 2


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