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Judge Gently

The Pennsylvania Coal Trade

The Poor

The Rainbow

Songs of Prosperity

Rairoad Fare for the Fair Week


Martyrs of Freedom

Internal Improvements

Indianna Rail Roads

Too Young to Marry

Contagious Diseases

Coal on the Isthmus

Tailors' Strike

The American Flag at Frankfort

The Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin

The First Stemboat on the Mississippi

Curious Case of Surgery

Determination of the Longitude of Cambridge Observatory From Liverpool

Opinions of the Press

A Plank Road Between New York and Philadelphia

A Humorist


Absconding Railroad Contractors

Long Speeches

Indicted for Murder

Mean Revenge

Force of Law


Free Passage of the Brig Eureka Through the St. Lawrence

Voltaire's Character of Cromwell

Facts for Farmers

Extracts for Young Men

Theories of Electricity

Extraordinary Feat of Screw Steamer

Secret of Living Always Easy

National Debt

Modern Inventions Subservient to the Progress of Christianity

Formation and Reduction of the Precious Metals

Wheat on Prairie Lands

Valuable Bank Paper

Test for Good Limestone

Peat Bogs

Electrical Current and the Magnetic Telegraph

Dodges Improved American Spinner

Improvement in Knitting Looms

New England's Fair Daughter's

Machine for Sharpening and Setting Saws

Life Boats on the Coast

To Preserve Water

Honey Sugar

Improved Window Latch

Yankees, and Yankee Inventions Abroad

Improved Force Pump

Improved Tinsmith's Wiring Machine

Iron and Copper Steam Boilers

Camden and Amboy Railroad

The Scientific American


To Our Contemporaries

Cholera in New York

Bear's Oil Superseded

Inventors and Their Friends

Mechanical Fallacies


Bishop Watson Geologising

The Diamond

Coast Surveys

Facts and Observations on Cholera and the Atmosphere

A Noble and Refined Compliment

Heavy Damages and Important Verdict

The Iron Manufacture

Paper Made by Wasps

Great Hungarian Gathering

Iron Moulding


A Curious Grass

The Western Journal

The Scalpel

Terrestrial Magnetism


  • The Island of Cuba

  • From the Editor

    To Corrspondents

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September 01, 1849

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