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The Church Yard Stile

The British Colonies

Languages and Learning

Rail Road News

Rail Road Convention

New Jersey Rail Road

Rochester and Syracuse Rail Road

Dirge at Sea

Machine for Grinding the Mirrors of Reflecting Telescopes

MacAdamised Road in Egypt

Travellers Baggage Versus Rail Roads

A Tall Mule

Profit of Using Steam Expansively

The Gymnastic Balloonist

Bullion in the Bank of England

Rat in a Queer Place

Profit Barry's Tricopherous

Poetree and Poetry

The Foolery of Wealth and Fashion

Water Saving Expedient

Dr. Chalmers on Courtesy

An Adventurous Lady

Cotton Manufacture in Rhode Island

The Astor Library

Trouble in the Church of England

Desperate Bravery.--Trappers' Fight with a Sloux War Party

Convention of Georgia Manufacturers

A Narrow Escape

Transactions of the Americans Scientific Association

Discovery in Oregon


Plaster of Paris


Self Registering Water Meter

New Magnetic Perpetual Motion Machine

New Locomotives for Common Roads

Arkansas Marble

Cure of Bald Heads

The Ballance Dry Dock

Tupper's Hay and Straw Cutter

Horse Power

Muscular Developement

How to Use Chloroform in Surgery

Flexible Ivory

American Lithographic Stone

Portable Filter

Cement for Mending Marble

Send in Your Subscriptions Early

To Smooth Wrinkled Papers

Cheap Postage

Blake's Fire-Proof Paint

Worcester Mechanics' Fair

Currents at the Gates of Hercules

Boiler Cement

Precautions Against Poison

Iron Moulding

Paste Blacking

Marble Cement

Cement for Stone Steps &C

Sick Wheat

A Pension to the Wrong Man

A Few Words to the Friends of the Scientific American

Common Blacking

Cement for Pipe Joints

The Newfoundland Fisheries

Cold Plague in the West

Poison of Rusted Wheat

List of Patents

The Wheeling Bridge Case

Signature Examiner

A Great Water Spout

Important Discovery

Ship Building and Navigation


The Benefits of Illustrating Inventions

Scientific American for Binding

Subscribers Attend

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September 15, 1849

Confronting Common Wisdom