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New Jersey Railroads

Marine Glue

Lerow & Blodgett's Rotary Sewing Machine

To Make Panada or Bread Jelly

To Destroy the Smell of Musk

Great Tunnel

Foreign Railroad Iron

New York and Hudson Railroad

Cement for Mending Steam Boilers

Biscuit Jelly

New Steamship Ohio

Strange Mechanical Fancy

Sir John Franklin

Singular Accident

Prize for Artists

John Banvard and His Panorama

Interesting Railroad Trial

To Treat Dog Bites

To Inventors

Great Balloon Ascension--American Aeronauts

The Britania Bridge

Steam Frigate

Sending Receipts

Read This

New York State Fair

Growth of Our Cities

General Burgoyne's Watch

Southern Machine Shop

Singular Bad and Good Luck

Curious Flower Amalgamation

Ice Made by Mechanical Power

Discoveries in Africa

History of Propellers

Parisian Cleanliness

Singular Fact Connected With Cholera

Improvements in Machinery for Sawing Irregular Pieces of Timber

Cure for Headaches

New Rail Road Switch

Machine for Drying Cotton

Improvement in the Portable Blast Furnace

Improved Meat Chopper

Fuel in Paris

Burrell's Straw Cutter

New Circle Bearing for the Axles of Carriages

Improvement in Spark Arresters

Improved Grass Cutting Machine

Drawing Made Easy

Iron Cottages

Fair of the American Institute

Fearful Railroad Collision

Charles W. Holden

New Jersey Zinc Ore--Improvement in Smelting

To Take Quinine

Franklin Institute Fair

False Opinions

Seek Useful Information

Our New Dress

Influence of the Animal Spirits Upon the Mind

Receipt for Washing

Against the Crank

Worcester Mechanic's Fair

The Orange Tree

Experiments With the Cotton Gin

List of Patent Claims

Sympathies of Sound

Information Wanted

Highly Important to Inventors

Useful Information for All


To Inventors and Mechanics

The Best Mechanical Paper

American Locomotives

Iron Moulding--Hollow Work

Useful Works for the People

To Glaze Cutlery


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