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Stave Cutter, Jointer, Shingle and Barrel Head Machine

Lighthouse Bird Trap

Communication With the Pacific

Direct Road From New York to New Hampshire

Hudson River Railroad

Heat Expands Bodies

Gratifying Result of an Interesting Operation

Chicago Mechanics' Fair

Ship Building in this City

Cement for Mastic Work

American Cast Steel

A Present of Mexican Armor

Railway Accident

Natural Curiosity

Mineral Resources of Western Virginia

Improvement of the Mississippi Rapids

The Quakers and Secret Societies

The Fair of the American Institute

Gov. Masey's Cane

Adulterated Milk

Rattle Snake Hunter

A Fine Work

Wealth of Russia

Heavy Verdict

Good Post-Office Regulation

Soap Stone Quarry


Raising Fruit in Russia

A Dog Disgusted

American Tea

Social Importance of the Working Classes

Charleston Artesian Well

Ship Building in Newark, N. J

New Galvanic Battery

Theories of Electricity

Turkish Character

An American Prime Meridian

Botany of the Platte River

To Separate Nickel and Cobalt Their Oxides

The Solubility of the Oxides of Iron, Copper and Cobalt by Caustic Potash

Gutta Percha Solutions

Georgia Mechanics' Convention

Preparation of the Oxide of Antimony

New Method Navigating Shallow Rivers

Machine for Opening Oysters

Great Invention.--Improved Piano

Sweet Flag Syrup


To Treat Cases of Drowning, &C

Method of Preventing the Fracture in Glass Chimneys

The New Prussian Fire Arms

Steam Linen Loom

Science Turned Criminal

Official Telegraph

New Printing Press

New York Gas

Rules and Regulations for Steamboats


Great Chemical Discovery

Simplicity of Discovery

A Word to Some Friends

Navigating the Air

Lake Superior Copper

List of Patent Claims

The Horse

The Age for Learning to Sing

Value or Birds

For the Crank

Transplanting Trees

Lazy Beavers

To Cook Without Fire

Wagons and Carts

Saturn and Her Ring

Hollow Iron Moulding

To Make Tea Lead into White Lead

The Difficulty of Navigating the Air

Manufacture of Black Lead Pencils

To Inventors and Mechanics

The Best Mechanical Paper in the World

The Queen's Dictionary


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September 29, 1849

Confronting Common Wisdom