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To Keep Silk

Printing Ink

Improvements in Machinery for Sawing Ship Timber

Ink for Marking Linen, &c., Without Preparation

Another Line to Boston

Water Melon Rine Preserves

Worcester and Nashua Railroad

Louis Napoleon Upon Railroads

Tenneseee Iron Manufacture

Good Fortune

Our Naval Force

A Deserted Village

Ireland and Her Misery

Another Telegraph Line to Boston

Women Stronger Than Oxen

Liabilities of Railroad Conductors

Singular Adventure With a Rattlesnake

Native Wines

Facination of Danger

The Colonies of Great Britain

The Lard and Oil Business of Cincinnati


A Curious Fact

Hats, Hats

Odd Fellows

Ohio Cheese

Hints to Bald Headed

Paine's Electric Light

Effect of Chloroform on Sensitive Plants

Transmission of Sound; and Electricity

Men with Tails

Extraordinary Feats of Swimming

Theories of Electricity

Water Telescope, or Sub-Marine Examiner

Improved Wagon Spring

Improvement in Making Flour

Page's Windmill at Washington

American Turbine Water Wheel

Revolving Road Scraper

Self-Lighting Segars

Discoveries in Art

Morse's Instruments on the O'Reilly Line

New Plan of Reaping

Oil Painting Daguereotype

Improved Cloth Folding Machine

Controversial--Parker's Water Wheels

Albany Iron Works Burned

Interesting Patent Case

Real Revolutions

British Mail Steamer, the Hibernia

Revolution in Music

Worcester Mechanics' Fair

Du Bois' Cotton Gin

South Carolina Institute Fair

World's Exhibition of Industry

New York Evening Schools

Notice to Advertisers

Franklin Institute

Georgia Manufactures

To Our Friends

Trial of Rioters

List of Patent Claims

Trial by Jury in Patent Cases--No.1

Propeller Tow Boats

Report on Propellers

Large and Bird

To Inventors and Mechanics

Fifth Year of The Best Mechanical Paper in the World !

Hollow Iron Moulding

Mineral Ores


  • Report on the Alledged Discovery of New Properties of Steam

  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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October 06, 1849

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