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Campbell's Monument in Westminster Abbey

The Hudson River Railroad

Day's Sub-Marine Telescopic Examiner

Freaks of a French Chemist

Honor and English Railroads

Preparations of the Purple Powder of Cassius

To Take a Speck From the Eye

Singular Cause of Death

The Doubtful Rock Near Malta.--Later News

Cheap Houses For Mechanics and Artisans

Domestication of the American Bison in Europe

Female Model Lodging House in London

Leather Preservative

Marriage in High Life

“Slow Rises Worth by Poverty Depressed”

The Pearlash Springs at the Great Salt Lake

American Butter

American Produce in London

Useful Information to Shipmasters

A True and Wonderful Snake Story

Singular Story a Lost Child Found

Gold Seeker


Death by a Drop of Laudanum

Oil of Turpentine

Report on Propellers

Improved Packing for Pumps

Telegraph Manipulator

Cowle's Patent Parallel Vice

Pictures on Glass

Russian Furnace

Improvement in Gun Casting

Great Fair of the American Institute--No 1

Industrial Fairs

New Jersey Monopolies


History of the Lake Superior Copper Mines

List of Patent Claims

Trial by Jury in Patent Cases.--No. 2

State of New York

Hollow Iron Moulding

Scarlet and Crimson

To Inventors and Mechanics

Mechanical Paper

To Dye Madder on Wool

More about Cochineal to Dye Silk

Scarlet and Crimson

Crossing the Alps in a Balloon


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    Ærial Navigation

  • Discoveries in Electricity

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October 13, 1849

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