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New Cloth Folding Machine

Great Tunnell

Railroad to the Pacific

How to Preserve Grapes

Wheeling Suspension Bridge

The Blue Ridge Tunnel

Panama Isthmus Railroad

New Light for Railroads

How to Keep Smoked Hams

The First Cotton Factory

Arrival Extraordinary

Another Lost Child Recovered

Prices of Telegraphing in England

A Whale in Vermont

A Peruvian Inca


Light from the Oyster

Great Railroad Tunnel

Engineering Professorship

American and British Navigation Laws

Planting Chestnuts

A Singular Discovery

Manchaneel Poison and Its Antidote

Earthquake in Massachusetts

Queen Victoria's Piano

A Queer Craft

New Discovery of Wonderful Ruins in Nicaragua

Important Decision in New Jersey

Hoe's Printing Presses

Tricks of a Flying Machine Man

The Puritans a Prolific Race

Hungarian Enclosed Wooden Bridge

Feeding Cattle

Swedish Laws With Respect to Intoxication

Popular Errors About the Rise and Fall of Sap in Trees

A Freak of Nature

Laws and Customs About Mechanics In Germany

The Mormon City of Salt Lake

Patents of Nobility

The Great Sugar Discovery

Improvement in the Iron Manufacture

House's Telegraph in England

The Dover and Calais Telegraph

Converting Iron Into Steel

New Propeller

New Gun

Improvement in Weaving Tapestry Carpets

Bed Cooler

Apparatus for Saving Lives in Case of Shipwreck

Alcoholic Self-Generatiug Vapor Lamp Blow-Pipe, and Heating Apparatus

Lock's Magnetic Clock

Copper of Lake Superior

Testimonial to the late Chief Engineer of the U. S. Dry Dock, Brooklyn

New Jersey Zinc

Great Fair of the American Institute No.3

Coal in New York

Stoves and Heating of Rooms

Labor Lost


List of Patent Claims


Great Patent Case

Trial by Jury In Patent Cases.-No. 6



To Inventors and Mechanics

Fifth Year of the Best Mechanical Paper

Liquid Hydrogen Gas

Hollow Iron Moulding

Choloretic Discovery

Linseed Oil


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    Depth of the Ocean

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