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Railroads in Pennsylvania

Improvements in Marine Steam Engines

Important Railroad Law Decision


Volatile Salt Scent Bottles

To Make Water of Ammonia, Hartshorn

English Railways

To Make Aromatic Rhubarb Syrup

The Webber

West India Coffee

To Make Solder for Steel-joints

Common Rhubarb Syrup

Blanched Copper

Kustitien's Metal for Tinning

To Make Smelling Salts

Light to the Born Blind

Bleeding at the Nose

The Crops in France

Quick Sailing

Yankee Wonders

Extraordinary Phenomena

American Institute--Gold Medals Awarded

Interesting Trial of Rope

How Many Miles a Printer's Hand Travels


Disturbance on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

The Common Hemlock for Hedges

Alabama Coal

Artesian Wells

The Inventions of This Age

Effects of Climate on the Anglo Saxon Race

The Expense of Whiskey

The Bread-Fruit Tree

Chemitype Printing

Stave and Shingle Machinery

New Railroad Car Wheels

Telegraph Invention

Invention in Furnaces

Improvement in the Construction of Wagons and Carriages

Franklin Institute

Page's Window Fastener

Improved Locomotive

Wooden Suspension Bridges

Drummond Lights in Broadway

Free Schools in New York

General Training Day

Wheeling Suspension Bridge

Descent of Washington

Bridge to Brooklyn

An Inventor Dead

Rich's Water Wheels--Extraordinary Work

New Channel to New York Harbor

Late News From Europe

Claims of Patents

Fair of the American Institute

The Fair and the Scientific American

Beautiful Sample of Cotton

An Under-ground Railroad in Broadway

How to Make a Good Cup of Tea

Transactions of the British Scientific Association.--No. 1

The Rumbling Spring in Alabama

Apples in France

Self Reliance

List of Patents

Washington Monument

Iron Convention

To Inventors and Mechanics

Fifth Year of the Best Mechanical Paper

To Prevent the Oxidation of Iron


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