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Wilson's Sewing Machine

Murian in Cattle

Wilmington and Roanoke Railroad

Michigan Southern Railroad

Railway Accidents in Britain For the Last Six Months

To Remove a Mote From the Eye

Natural Creation and the Law of Races

Hills Against Level Lands


Chinese in California

To Destroy the Wire Worm

The Benefits of Travel

Animalculæ of the Sea

Useful Lectures

Terrible Steamboat Explosion

London New Coal Exchange

Domestic Endearments


St. Michael Oranges

A Piebald Negro

To Prevent Steam Boiler Incrustation

Singular Freak of Lightning

Scientific Memoranda


Original Inventors

Young Mechanics in California

Improvement in Carriage Wheels

The Electric Light in Military Operations

Patent Churn

Improved Slitting Machine

Improved Hydrant

Extraordinary Invention

Reported New Steamship

Improved Corn Sheller

Steam on Canals

Improved Camp and Cot Bedstead

Railroad in Broadway

Patent Improved Matches


The Poetry of Discovery

Interesting Patent Cases

Depth of the Ocean

The Law of Patents

List of Patent Claims


Enamel for Pins, Hooks and Eyes, &C

To Reproduce Photographic Impressions

The Progress of Invention

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • To Inventors and Mechanics

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