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Cure of Cancer

Moulding Pipes Without Cores

New York Valuation

Placing Obstructions on Railways

Road Across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec

Rule for Finding the Best Proportion of Power to Tonnage in Steamboats

Sub Bituminous Coal for Locomotives

To Preserve Cabbages

To Preserve Meat for Voyages

A Balloon Frozen

Comparative Weight Fusibility Malleability Tenacity and Ductability of Metals


Decay of Timber--Prevention of Decay

Extraordinary Discovery in California

Lectures on California


Fire and an Afflicting Accident

New City of Hadley Falls

Science Begetting Science

Smithsonian Institute

Steamer Princeton

Strange Mortality in Black River, La

The Planetary System As it is Now Understood

A Striking Thought

Alligator's Nest

Annihilation of Time and Space

Important Discovery That May Lead to Improvements of Great Value

The Iron Manufacture

Wonderful Rock in Lake Superior

Biscuit Cutting Machinery

Locke's Electro Chronograph

Force Pump

Forceps for Gun Shots

New Marine Beds

New Optical Instrument

Improvement in Sugar Manufacture

Portable Soup Bread

Remington Bridge

An Effort to Increase the Usefulness of the Mechanics' Institute

Lecture on Patent Laws

Improved Atmospheric Lifting Pump

Interesting Patent Cases

New Ship Ventilator

Paine's Electric Light

Science Universal

Reduction of Telegraph Fare

Extraordinary Sailing

List of Patent Claims

Planing Machine Patent Cases

Forwarding Back Numbers


“Up,” and “Down.”

The Division of Matter

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

Metalic Ore Veins


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    To Correspondents

  • To Inventors and Mechanics

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December 01, 1849

Confronting Common Wisdom