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Iron Sleepers

Railroad Hand-Car

Peeling and Boiling Potatoes

Railroad City Improvements

Important Railroad Law Decision

Use of Corn Cobs for Cattle Feed

To Destroy Rats

Hall's Machinery for Boring Bed Posts

Corned Beef and Cabbage

To Select Turkeys and Chicken

The Price of Gas

Mortality in Paris

Albany and Mohawk Plank Road

Accident Prevented

Manufacture of the Zinc Paint

Dry Dock at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn

Valuable Manuscript

Paine's Hydro Electric Light

Correspondence of the Scientific American

Premium Stove Polish

To Those About to Apply for a Patent

Late California News

Coal in England

Great Increase of London

Artificial Flowers

Phenomena of the Brain


The Chinese Chrysanthemum


Lecture on Washing and Labor-Saving Soap

Plan for Lowering Steamboat Tunnels

New Psychological Discovery

Improvement in Manufacture of Iron

Foreign Invention

Yerger's Artificial Leg

New Railroad Chair

Gutta Percha Tires for Wheels

City Railroads

Scientific Memoranda

Cheap Postage

Improved Spindle Bearing

Water for Cities

Water and Steam Explosions, and Engineers

The Woodworth Patent Planning Machine Case

List of Patent Claims

Planing Machine Patent Cases

Change of Weather

To Inventors and Mechanics

Mechanical Paper



Some Properties of Carbon


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