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Transplanting Trees

Extraordinary Speed

Great Railroad Rope

Improved Corn Sheller

Prussian and German Railroads

Railroad Celebration

Railroad Trial

Smoky Chimneys

The Art of Washing Clothes

Triumph of Surgery

Georgia Manufactures


Correspondence of the Scientific American

Rights of Inventors

Singular Phenomenon

Smithsonian Institute, Washington

Southern Manufactures

The Christian Philosopher

Science and Art

Important Discoveries in Abyssinla

Important Discovery that May Lead to Improvements of Great Value

Linen vs. Cotton

New Plan for Opening and Closing Large Window Shutters and Doors of Stores and Public Buildings

A Steamboat Fire Engine

Extraordinary Weather in Georgia

Hovey's Straw Cutter

Improvement in Making Iron

Incombustible Cloth

New Lock Folder for Pipes

New Nail Machine

To Color Sheep Skins for Door Mats

A Retrospective Glance

Great Dam at Hadley Falls

Machine Shop Burned

Scientific Foreign Extracts

Telegraph Through the Ocean

The Properties of the Crank

List of Patent Claims

Back Volumes

Grand Sale of Steam Boats


To Inventors and Mechanics

The Best Mechanical Paper

On Tanning Leather-Preparation of Hides

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

Gold Washing in South Carolina


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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January 05, 1850