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Distressing Accident on the Central, Pa., Railroad

Rise of Railroad Fares

Mohawk and Schenectady Railroad

Tearing up a Railroad


New Smut Machine

Dress in Japan

Cochin China Fowls

The Chlorides of Gold

Railroad Robbery

Our Own City

Our Cotton Factories

The Dead of 1849

Patent Office Business

Debt of the City of New York

Death of Two Inventors

The English Language

Morals of New York

International Literary Exchanges

Parkhurst's Cotton Gin


Correspondence of the Scientific American


British Mechanics Association

Discoveries in Ancient Nineveh

Blowing up Wrecks by Electricity

Useful Information about Water Wheels

Natural History of the Sabbath

Survey of Great Britain

Dr. Franklin

Improvement in Gold and Silver Pencil Cases

Propeller for Canals

Improved Hot Air Engine

Action and Re-Action

New Way to Manufacture Shot

New Rotary Engine

Improvement in the Manufacture of Velvet

Railroad Accidents—A Suggestion

Naval Science

Machine for Repairing Roads


Reading during the Winter Evenings

English Piracy of Inventions

To Color Sheep Skins for Door Mats

Spirit Drinking in Great Britain and Ireland

The Properties of the Crank

List of Patent Claims

Report of the Secretary of the Interior about the Patent Office—Extracts

On Tanning Leather—Preparation of Hides

History ot Propellers and Steam Navigation

The Tea Plant in America


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