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Important Decision

Departure of the Arctic Discovery Ships

Injuries by Locomotives

Noble Act of a Girl

Allen's Alphabetical, Spelling, Reading and Arithmetical Table

Pott's Pneumatic Pile Driving for Forming Foundations, for Piers, Embankments, Etc

The Iron Business

Long Pent-Up Fire

Correspondence of the Scientific American

Ship Building in England

Building in New York

Terrific Explosion of a Boiler—Great Loss of Life

The Royal Society of London Prize

Sub Marine Armor in the Gold Region

Regatta in Cuba—An American Boat

Mechanics Wanted West

The New British House of Commons

Spiritual Knocking

How to Put Out Fires in the Holds of Ships

New Ideas on the Sugar Manufacture

Niagara Palls Suspension Bridge Co.

Improved Facilities for Cultivating the Domestic Honey Bee

New Locomotive

Machinery for Washing Dishes

Singular Association

Patent Met l Life Boats

New Kind of Gas

Rosin for Fuel

New Artificial Bearing

Improvements in Apparatus for Making Mould Candles

Fine Casting of Brass

Square Stone

Failure of all Oil Gas Company

Advice to American Inventors

Works on Science and Art

Geology of Florida

Meeting of Gas Consumers

The Prussian Rifle

Piercing Glass and Stone-Ware Vessels

List of Patent Claims

Notice to Capitalists


Back Volumes

Wooden Books

The Best Mechanical Paper



  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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