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The Artic Regions

Milwaukie Railroad

Palmer's Patent Leg

Railroad to Montreal

The Charleston and Memphis Railroad

Warm Reception

A Long Fast

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

Covington and Lexington Railroad

Dry Dock Sunk

Improved Excavating Machinery


Mass Convention


Segar Machine in Cuba

Singular Occurrence

The Late Explosion

Tribute to Colt, the American Inventor

Works on Science and Art

A Smart Old Lady

Correspondence of the Scientific American

Curious Fact

Doctors and Drugs

Economy of Fodder for Animals

Flying Kites in Canton

Great Rise in the Mississippi


New Ideas on the Sugar Manufacture

New Language

Waste of Ingenuity

Improvement in Bedstead Fastenings

Sash and Blind Machine

Scientific Memoranda

Clothes without Seams

Cure of Stammering—New Discovery

Dr. Gesner's Patent Kerosene Gas Light

Explosion of Steam Boilers

Pneumatic Pile Driving

Building in New York

Civilization, Inventors, Invention and the Arts

Culture of Cotton in Africa

List of Patent Claims

Singular Explosion

Woodworth's Patent—Great Excitement

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

To Inventors and Mechanics

On Tanning Leather—Preparation of Hides


  • Astronomy

  • From the Editor


  • To Correspondents

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February 16, 1850

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