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Phenomenon in Oregon

Railroad Movement in St. Louis

Relief to Travellers

The Real and Ideal

Vermont Valley Railroad

Alabama and Tennessee Railroad

Emanuel Parker's Improvement on Water Wheels—Fig 1

Paine's Light

The Pulley and the Crank

Counterfeit Detector

Ceitiberian Relics

The Atmosphere

The Hand-Loom Weaver and the Power Loom

Chinese Printing

Cotton Grown in spain

Newly Discovered Properties of Heat in Combination with Steam

Alarm and Thief Detector

Sign Letters of Earthenware

The Brittania Bridge

The Cuban Plow

To Dye Black Satinet, Muslin de Laine, and other Goods which have a Woollen Weft and Cotton Warp

Wood's Patent Shingle and Stave Machine

A Controversy to be Settled

A New Propeller

Great Steamboat—Scientific Challenge

Improvement in Communicating Power to the Throstle Spinning Frame

Newly Constructed Oven

Safety Apparatus for Steam Boillers

Receipts for Washing

The Iron and Zinc of New Jersey

Cheap Postage

Explosions of Steam Boilers

Improvements in Rail Roads in Virginia—Governor's Message

List of Patent Claims

Inventors and Patent Agents


History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

Coal Gas Charcoal

To Inventors and Mechanics

The Telescope

Tanning—Practical Remarks


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February 23, 1850

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