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Coal in Locomotive Engines

Sharps' Breech-Loading Patent Rifle—Fig 1

Simple Cure for Croup

Warning for Apothecaries

Colder Yet

Extreme Cold

Indiana Railroads


U.S. Astronomical Mission

Professional Beggars

The Force of Imagination

Where is the Wilderness?

Works on Science and Art

A Great Railroad Project

A Righteous Verdict

Behind the Age

Carbon as Food for Plants

Correspondence of the Scientific American

Early Closing of Dry Good Stores

Explosion of a Locomotive

Good Investment

Great Discovery

Lectures on the Mysterious Knockings at Rochester

Failure of Iron Steamboats

Newly Discovered Properties of Heat in Combination with Steam

The Treatment of Piles on Mechanical Principles and by Self-Management

A Great Suspension Bridge

Agricultural Discovery

New Lantern

New Plan of Tin Roofing

New Window Fastener

Novel Plan for Building Houses

Remmington's Bridge

Strength or Gutta Percha Tubing

The Steamboat Challenge

The Woodworth Patent

A New Building Material

Brown's Eccentric Progressive Power Press

How to Puzzle the Rogues

Improvement in Hydrants

Invention, Civilization and Pauperism

To Our Half-Yearly Subscribers

World's Convention of Industry in America

Future Discoveries—What Science Has Yet to Accomplish

List of Patent Claims

New Steamships


A Petrified Body

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

Duration of Life

Curious Effect of the Electric Light

Burns and Scalds

Tanning—Practical Remarks

Results of Some Experiments on the Explosion of Burning Fluids

Polar Origin of the Tides


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    To Correspondents

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March 09, 1850