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To Color Pine to Imitate Black Walnut

Travelling Damages

Plank Roads

Ease to People who are Troubled with Asthma

Albany and Rutland Railroad

Improved Machinery for Rolling Irregular forms of Metal

How to Preserve Health

Printing of the Patent Office Report

Libel Suit about the Hague Street Explosion

Capt. Forbes' New Ship Rig

Oris and Charcoal Paste

The Honey Guide

Remonstrance against the Washington Monument

The Flax Culture and Linen Trade of Ireland

A Shirt for Poor Prince Albert

The Double Eagle

Correspondence of the Scientific American

Sleep and Insanity

Re-action Water-Wheels

Improvement in Copper Rollers for Calico Printing

Improved Tool for Cutting Bungs, Tree-nails, &C

The Patent Battle Ground

Kase's Improved Force Pump

Improved Spoke Shave

Gun Stock Patent

Improvements of Printing Types

Improved Ship Pump

Remmington Bridge

New Locomotive

Improvement in Looms for Weaving Different Patterns

Zinc Sheathing

The Baltimore Convention of Inventors Woodworth's Patent &C

Foreign Manufactured Articles by American Patented Machines

New Article of Food—Meat Biscuit

List of Patent Claims

Back Volumes Scientific American

How Does a Fly Buz?

Cashmere Shawls

The White Wax Insect

Tanning—Practical Remarks

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

To Inventors and Mechanics

Improvement in English Woollen Goods


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