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Improvement in the Manufacture of Iron

Charleston and Memphis Railroad


A Horse's Opinion of a Plank Road

To Decompose Old Tan

Heathen Temple in Seringham

Estimated Value of Urine as a Manure

Alabama Railroad

Railway Injunction

The Wonderful Scalp Story

Marrying a Deceased Wife's Sister

Camera Lucida

Bayne's Panorama

Works on Science and Art

Western Journal

Ravages of Insects

Railroad in Chill

Miscellany of Foreign News

Correspondence of the Scientific American

Canary Birds of No Value, Legally

Wonderful Locomotive

Robert Fulton

Great Invention in Engineering

Back Volumes Scientific American

Wire Suspension Bridge

Franklin's Mode of Lending Money

To Cure a Felon

Manufacture of Iron, Phosphorus, &C

Phenomenon of Molten Metals

Canal Across the Isthmus of Panama

Improved Scribing Machine

Brown's Water Gas

Woolen Printing—Great Improvement

Water Pressure Engine

Manufacture of Ice

Improved Axle Box

Dick's Anti-Friction Press

Bed-Clothes Clasp

Acoustic Apparatus to enable the Deaf to Hear in Church

Reform of the Patent Laws

Railway Errors

Use of Chloroform in Scotland

Sheathing Ships with Zinc

Miscellany about Inventors—Patents

Uses and Abuses of Air

Petition for Renewal of a Patent

Decision in the Great Patent Case

A Bill Giving Further Remedies to Patentees

The Gulf Stream

Patent Office Report

Battin's Coal-Breaker

The Effect of Tides

Our List of Patent Claims

Completion of the Britannia Tubular Bridge

Tanning—Practical Remarks

Oat Meal

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

To Inventors and Mechanics

A Question for Naturalists


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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