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Goshon's Improved Smut Machine

Nitric Solution of Silver

Railroad to the Pacific

Railroad Experiment

Senator Benton' Scheme for a National Highway to the Pacific

Solder for Silver

Silver Gilt Plate

The Lunar Caustic

Detonating Silver

General Railroad Law

Works on Science and Art Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Playing the British National Debt

Singular Phenomenon—A Shower of Sulphur

News from California

Calico Soirees


Correspondence of the Scientific American

Gold on the Yellowstone

Origin of the Plow

Roads in the North-West

Some Causes of Disease

California Steamers and Coal

Death of an Eminent Artist

Curiosities of Royalty

Dr. Furman's Remedy for Stranger's Fever at the South

Explosion of a Boiler

Friction Match Case

Parker's Water Wheel

Identification of Dr. Parkman's Body

Improved Machine for Setting up the Bows for Covers of Wagons and Carriages

Manufacture of Iron

New Water Filter Cooler Refrigerator and Meat Preserver

New Respirator and Inhaler

The Eclectic Bee Hive

A New Discovery for Millers

The New Art of Kerasophany

Camels for the Western Prairies

Curious Drugs for Producing Hallucination

Reform of the Patent Laws

The Wood-worth Patent

List of Patent Claims

Camera Lucida

Back Volumes Scientific American

Evaporation from the Thames

Cure for a Ringworm

To Inventors and Mechanics

To Drive Away Rats

The Works of Science

Acetate of Silver

A Singular Cure of Disease in the Spine

Tanning—Practical Remarks

Sulphate of Silver


History of Propellers and Steam Navigation


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    To Correspondents

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April 13, 1850