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Low Headed Fruit Trees

English Horses

Sugar Crop of Texas

Mobile and Ohio Railroad

Locomotive and Car Hoister


Extraordinary Discovery

Sir John Franklin

Lewiston and Queenston Suspension Bridge

Important to Inventors

The Virginia Gold Mines

The Telegraph Bill

Singular Petrification

New Orleans Mint Closed


Invention of Pegged Shoes

Correspondence of the Scientific American

Agricultural Address

Silver Mines of Mexico

Ocean Steam Navigation to Europe

Mineral Riches of Southern Illinois

Death by Spontaneous Combustion

A Work of Art

The Value of the Mechanic Arts

The Stephensons

Killed by the Crater of Vesuvius

Improvements in Door Knobs

Sheet Iron Pipes

New Cotton Ginning Machine Wanted

Improved Machinery for Making Cotton Batting and for Sizing and Drying it

Wilcox's Amphibion Propeller

Improved Grain Dryer

Horse Shoes Fastened without Nails

New Kind of Coal

House Cleaning

Great Patent Case

The Woodworth Patent

The Tyrian Purple

English and American Patent Laws

Percussion Cap Machine

Changes in Society—Progress of Travelling

List of Patent Claims

Back Volumes Scientific American


History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

To Inventors and Mechanics

Tanning—Practical Remarks

Curious Fact

An American Mineralogist in Turkey

A Disaster Averted by Discipline

A Cave Found


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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