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Lemon Syrup

Rhubarb Syrup

Something in a Name

Great Freshet in Upper Canada

Syrup of Peppermint

The Anti-Friction Shears

The Opium Trade

Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad

Camel Dead

To Make Excellent Table Beer

Capital Invested in Railroads in Massachusetts and New York

To Make Porter

To Restore Ale or Porter that has Turned Sour or Flat

A Rich Present

Taxed Heavily for Foreign Compliments

Foreign Miscellany

American Invention in London

Great Steam Hammer

The Michigan Block for the Washington Monument

Great Speed of a Screw Vessel

An Operatives' Rolling Mill

The National Washington Monument

Another Franklin

Hailstones in India

Havana Cigars

Portrait of Columbus at Albany

Catching Pigeons in the West

Profits of Southern Manufacturing

Yew Trees

A Drink of Beer Forever

Correspondence of the Scientific American

New Form of Letter Writing

A Mine of Coin

A New Mouth for the Mississippi

A Tall Chimney

Alabama Enterprise

Sleighing in April

World's Exhibition of Industry for 1851

A Hard Bed

More about the Stereotype Process said to be Discovered in Paris

Dr. Caulkin's Intra Vaginal Supporter

Quick Telegraph Work

Steam Wagon

Great Invention for Shooting and Capturing Whales

New Helical Railway and Circular Chariot

New Rail Road Invention—Self-Acting Coupling

American Cloth in France

New Sash Supporter

An Extraordinary Invention

Improvement on Power Looms

Consumption of Smoke

Maury's Wind and Current Charts

Mechanics' Institute School

Street Paving

Fusible Boiler Plug

Georgia Burr Versus French Burr Stones

Telegraph Suit

American Machinery—Matteawan

Telegraph to the Pacific

Great Movement among the Working Classes in New York

Notice to Inventors and Patent Agents

Percussion Cap Machine—Eratta

Tin Plate Manufacturing


List of Patent Claims

Disastrous and Singular Explosion

Salt Mine Discovered

Singular Discovery

The Paris Academy of Sciences

Biology at Fault

Plank Roads

Preserving Gathered Flowers

Inventors Look to Your Own Interests


Back Volumes Scientific American

Process of Hardening Steel

Production of Gold and Silver in 1849

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

To Inventors and Mechanics


Singular Death

Sequel to Remarks on Practical Tanning

Discovery of a Yellow Camellia


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    To Correspondents

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April 27, 1850