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Yellow Ink

The Hudson River Railroad

Green Ink

Red Ink

Japan Writing Ink

Good Writing Ink

Russian Ink Powder

Improved Seed Planter

Gas in Wheeling

Color of the Ocean


Steam between Virginia and Europe

Patent Case


Works on Science and Art


A Telegraph to California

Cotton Factories

Correspondence of the Scientific American

The City of Glasgow

Ship's Blacksmith

Off with the Beards

New England Industry

Mammoth Steamer on the Missisippi

Effects of Proportion

Plank Roads in Alabama

Fusible Plug for Boilers

Lumber Trade in Maine


Sugar and its Uses

Percussion and Re-Action Water Wheels

Lifting Heavy Persons

Improved Bench Hook for Carpenters and Workers in Wood

Shingle Machine


Experiments with Water Wheels

Curious Discovery

Tunnelling through the Alps

American Inventions in England

Paine's Hydro-Electric Light

New Process of Smelting Iron Ore

Morse's Air Distributor

Improvement the Manufacture of Sugar

Charcoal Melted

Preparation for Coating Ships

Foreign Forgeries about American In-Inventions

Scientific Knowledge

Planing Machines—Important Decision of the Supreme Court of the U. S.

The London Patent Journal and Inventors Magazine

Texas Crops

Reform of the Patent Laws

List of Patent Claims

Back Volumes Scientific American


To Inventors and Mechanics

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

Gravity Vs. Folly

The Employment of Chloroform

Spheroidal State of Water

Expeditious Mode of Reducing Iron Ore into Malleable Iron

To Make Edge-Tools from Cast Steel and Iron



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May 11, 1850

Confronting Common Wisdom