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To Form a Phosphoric Fire Bottle


Phosphuretted Hydrogen

A Fountain of Fire

Great Steam Ship

Railroad Bridge

Railroad to Cairo

Improved Clutch for Machinery

Foreign Hops in England

New and Simple Air Gun

Unrolling a Mummy

Practical Engineers for Steamboats

Animal Life in Water


Correspondence of the Scientific American

Taxes in Great Britain

Morals in Scotland

Starch Manufactory

Steamship Pacific, the Second of Collin's Line

The Silks and Teas of Japan

Library of the British Museum

Ohio Wine

A Human Body and the Hour of Day

A New Propeller Steamship

Coal in California

How to Cross the Atlantic in Less than Five Days

Destruction of the Great Cathedral of Saragossa

Jersey Marble

Patent Inkstand

An American Gas Engine in England

Wrought Iron Plow Stock

Great Improvement in Daguerreotype

Drilled Eyed Needles

Improved Plow

Improvement in Saddles

Ingenious Machine for the Use of the Blind

Improvement in Electric Telegraph Batteries

Walls of Buildings

Locomotive for Ascending Inclined Planes Controversy

Opinions, Rotary Engine, &C

Advice about Caveats

Who First Carried Coal from this Country to Philadelphia

An Example for Builders

Chicago Mechanics' Fair

List of Patent Claims


To Inventors and Mechanics

Table of Horse Power at Different Rates of Speed

Success in Invention

Human Strength

James Watt

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

A Diminutive Plant


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May 18, 1850

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