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Connecticut River Railroad

Pennsylvania and Ohio Railroad

Improvement in the Screw and Collar for Wood Vices

Plank Road Dividend

Railroad Jubilee

Reading Railroad

Sampson's Apparatus for Shaping Boot Uppers

Substitute for Coffee

To Make Whitewash

Artificial Snow

Explosions on Railroads

Notice to all Interested in Inventions


Insurrection in Cuba


Singular Hail Storm

More About Paine's Light

Sir John Franklin Discovered

Speed on New York Railways


The Reform of the Patent Laws

The Trades

To Preserve Ham through the Summer

Artful Device

Tortoise-Shell Ponies


Chattanooga Railroad

Coal Burning Locomotive

Washington's Address

Deaths in New York

Discovery of Mineral

The Dead Sea

Home Truths

How to Cross the Atlantic in Less than Five Days

Mr. Layard's Discoveries

Wilson's Patent Stone Dressing Machine

Improved Blasting Wedge Tube

Something New

New Steering Apparatus

An Improved Machine for Planing Iron

Circular Saws

Walls of Buildings

Great Reduction in Telegraph Tolls

Knowledge, Inventors and Invention

The City of Glasgow Steam Propeller

A Vegetable Diet

Deflexion of Iron Girders

List of Patent Claims

More about the World's Industrial Convention

The Staw Hat Trade in Michigan

The Tea Culture in South Carolina

Cotton Factories South and West

What is Dirt?


To Inventors and Mechanics

Receipts for Washing, &C

Miscellaneous Receipts

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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May 25, 1850

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