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Whom We Trust Our Lives To

Schiele's Anti-Friction Curve

Large Locomotives

Troy and Boston Railway

Straw for Hats

Missouri Pacific Railway

Woolens and Furs

The Mississippi River

Chinese Newspaper

Singular Trance

Sailing of the Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin


Irradiation of Light

Blackbirds in Arkansas

The Republican Weaver

Iron Furnaces in Scotland

An Introduction to the Water Cure

Works on Science and Art


A World's Fair in America—The N.Y. Mechanics Institute

Maryland Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanics Arts

The French at Rome

Clear as Mud

A Snake Fight

Spontaneous Heating of Iron

The Way to Beg

Lake of Pitch

Red Oxide of Zinc and Franklinite

Philosophy of Mechanics

Depths of the European and Open Seas

Wilson's Stone Cutting Machine

New Pumping Apparatus

Silk Manufactory in Massachusetts

New Kind of Cotton Bagging

New Iron Bridge at Washington

New Carriage Step for Stages

Improvement in Pitchforks

Manufactures from the Cocoanut

Our Atlantic Steamers

The Using of Paint

Reform of the Patent Laws

The Paving of Streets

List of Patent Claims

Important Discovery in Turkey

Farmers and Mechanics

Workingmen's Association for Protection of the Sabbath

The First American Painter


The Rothschilds

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

To Inventors and Mechanics


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