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Georgia Railroad

Concord and Claremont Railroad

To Pickle Fish

Scarlett's Patent Buckle

Petrified Rattlesnake

To Make a Good Razor Strop

Improved Steering Apparatus

To Make Good Bread

The Miseries of Being a Large Landholder

Sugar Crop of Louisiana

Patent Case

Growth of Western Villages

Parker's Water Wheel

Improvements in the Manufacture of Sugar—Patented in France

Works on Science and Art

Bogardus's Horse Power

Whitewash Receipt

An Extraordinary Barometer

A Fly Traveller

Duties Paid by Cunard Steamers

The Opium Trade

Prosperity of the United States

Philosophy of Mechanics

The Mediterranean

Artificial Limbs

Novel and Ingenious Clock

New Steamship Asia

American Sewing Machines in England

Improved Smut Machine

The Steering Apparatus of the Steamship Asia

Saving Hams

Invention of Drilled-Eyed Needles

Industrial Resources of Nova Scotia

Falling of the Walls of Buildings

British Industrial Exhibition of 1851

An Important Challenge to the Mechanical World

Strikes for Wages—Mechanics Associations

Charcoal Melted and the Washington Globe

A Few Words to Readers

Patent Metalic Paint for Iron, &C

Patent Lists

Making Haste to Get Rich

List of Patent Claims

Patent Rights

Mechanics Fair

Manufacture of Diamonds

Cleanliness in Working in Painting, &C

Sulphuric Acid and Bone Dust for Farmers

Inventors and Mechanics

To Prevent Bags from being Destroyed by Insects

Black Egyptian Ibis

To Prepare the Hypo-Sulphite of Lime for the Refining of Sugar

The Trade of Great Britain

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

Acetate of Lead in Sugar


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