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Pennsylvania Railroad

To Get Rid of Grain Weevils

New Route to California

Cure for Cancer

Pacific Rail Road

Cave in California

How to Exterminate Roaches

Bellefontalne and Indiana Railway

To Kill Rats

Cracker and Biscuit Rolling and Cutting Machine

Prospects of the Wool Trade for 1850

Maryland Institute

Death of a Great Man

Colonel Fremont

Telegraph Profits

Indestructibility of Enjoyment

Destitution in Glasgow, Scotland

Death from a Pin

Parsnips for Pigs

Liquid Gold

Charcoal for Cisterns

Subterranean Lake at Lancaster

Steamboat Boilers

Western Giants

The Descendants of Robert Burns

Stone Cavalry

Old Tan Bark

The Census Law for 1850

Old Rice

The Atlantic

Table of the Board Measure of Logs

The Patent Office and Reform of the Patent Laws

Philosophy of Mechanics

The Use of Oxide of Zinc is not Injurious to Health

Oil Stone

Ingram's Improved Water Closet

New Serving Mallet for Riggers


Proposed New Description of Railway

Improvement on Hanging Brakes for Railroad Cars and other Machinery

Tight Pantaloons and Tobacco

New Kind of Black Ink

Self-Adjusting Churn

Propeller Improvements

Patent Case—India Rubber Pontoon Boat

Light and its Effects—Gothic Churches

Splendid Present

New American Coins


List of Patent Claims

John Bull Turning Yankee

The Solvent Properties of Caloric, Similar to Acid Gases

Divisibility of Matter


Useful Statistics

Mathematics of Bees

Inventors and Mechanics

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation



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