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Dangerous Pleasures

Groshon's Patent Corn Planter

Poison Balls for Rats and Roaches and other Vermin

Preserving Tobacco


The North Carolina Central Railroad

The Passions of the Mind

To Make Good Current Wine

To Purify Covered Wells from Foul Air

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

Brown's Eccentric Progressive Power Press

Fulton and John Fitch

Gigantic Reptile

Relics of Franklin

Southern Machine Shop

Indian Numerals

Telegraph Between England and Russia

That Mummy

The Bird and the Snake

New Use for Opera Glasses

A New Propeller

Wearing Away of a Shoal

Asphaltum of New Brunswick

Death of Miss Jane Porter

Decay of Peach Trees

A New Discovery in Aerostation

Philosophy of Mechanics

Icebergs in the Atlantic

A New Colony in Georgia

The Cotton Crop

Parker's Reaction Water Wheels


Pocket Cooking Stove

Improvement in Printing

Interesting to Manufacturers

Lost Inventions

A New Bridge

A Valuable Invention for Carding Wool

Water Wheels

Brown's Anti-Crank Engine

Paine's Electric Light

Patent Office and Reform of the Patent Laws

Steamship Atlantic

Steamship Viceroy

English Estimate of American Clocks

Petition for the Extension of a Patent

Great Eronautic Enterprise

Index to Patents

List of Patent Claims

Patent Case—Hay Press

Back Volumes Scientific American

New Agents for the Scientific American

Atmospheric Air

The Whitney Railroad


Inventors and Mechanics

Printers' Types

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation


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    To Correspondents

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June 22, 1850

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