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Coffee for Weak Stomachs

Alabama and Tennessee Railroad

Tunnel on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

A Successful Factory

To Destroy Insects on Vines

The Iron Business of New York

New Machinery for Depurating Sugar and other Substances

Whale Shooting

New York Directory

Coal Trade of Ohio

Southern Manufactures

Remington's Bridge

Log and Board Measure

Postage Reform

New Way of Catching Trout

Railroad Accidents

Tunnelling the Alps

Steamboat Accidents and the Bursting of Boilers

Philosophy of Mechanics

Steam Boiler Invention

Improvement in Sugar Refining

Improvement in Daguerreotype Cases

New Method of Joining Metals

Bevan's Patent Arch Girder

Paine's Electric Light

New Machine for Making Shoemakers'Jiggers

Great Patent Case

Artificial Diamonds and the Washington Globe

Lights and Shade of Sense and Nonsense

Opinions about Discoveries

Manufactures in the United States

A New Form of Mesmerism in Clocks

List of Patent Claims

Strength of the Sword Fish

Back Volumes Scientific American

New Agents for the Scientific American

Manufacture of the Chromate of Potash, Lead and Lime

Chemical Constituents of Iron

How to Enlarge Vegetables

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation


Inventors and Mechanics


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