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New Coloring Matter

Whitney's Railroad to the Pacific

Bevan's Patent Arch Girder

First Railroad Charter in America

Jackson's Patent Cooking Stove

Turkish Manners

A Dangerous Rock

Accidents by Lightning

Causes of Rain

City Improvements

Death of a Great Inventor

Death of an Eminent Sculptor

Great Speed on the Utica and Schenectady Railroad

Oxygen Gas a Cure for Cholera

Telegraph and Newspaper Dinner

The Cocoanut of Jamaica

The Route to California through Nicaragua

The Mechanical Labor on a Newspaper

Handling Molten Lead and Iron

Parker's Water Wheel

Sugar in France

The Benefits of Coffee as an Article of Food

Transfer Paper

A New Wonder

Disinfecting Compound

Glass Water Pipes

Improvement in Making Bricks

Ink for Lithographers

Ink that Resists the Action of Acids and Alkalies

New Old Planing Machine

Philips' Fire Annihilator

Report of the Scientific Committee to Investigate Paie's Light

Meanness Carried to Extremes

Chemical Philosophy


Great Building—Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations

Light and Heat from Water

List of Patent Claims

Why Epidemics Rage at Night

An Improved Straw Cutter

Back Volumes Scientific American

New Agents for the Scientific American

To Inventors and Mechanics

Lightning and Lightning Conductors

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

Curious Facts in Natural History


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July 06, 1850

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