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A Fiendish Plot

For Vegetarians

Fall of an Iron Bridge

Atlanta and La Grange Railroad Georgia

Planing, Tongueing and Grooving Machines

A Runaway Locomotive

Laying it on with a Vengeance

Great Fire in Brooklyn

Cure for the Dropsy



Iron War Vessels not so Strong as Wooden Walls

Cotton Growing in the East Indies

Infusoria on Teeth

Cingalese Veneration for the Cobra de Capelio

Southern Vegetable Diet

Hempfield Railroad

Egg Hatching in China

Cancer Cured

Wonderful Case of Injury to the Brain, and Health Restored

Plank Roads

Electro Magnetism as a Motive Power

Pictish Castles

The Feeding of Silk Worms with a New Food

Patent Impuisoria

Projectile for Cutting Rigging of Vessels

New and Improved Abdominal Supporter and Chest Expander

New Manure

Improved Harpoon

Capt. Taggart's Flying Machine

Improved Foot Operating Bath

Improved Bedstead

Drinking Vitriol

Canal Locks Superseded

American Vessels in England

Paine's Electric Light

Important Railroad Suit

Steam and Water Engine

Short Review of Gillard's Electric Light, Gesner's Light

Hall for Inventors


Polishing Marble

List of Patent Claims

Scientific Memoranda

Back Volumes Scientific American

An Improved Straw Cutter

Pure Water—The Cholera

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

Tobacco Planting in New York

Henley's Magneto-Electric Telegraph

To Inventors and Mechanics

Lightning and Lightning Conductors


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    Important Notice To Us!

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