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Rotary Board and Log Rule and Measure

Halifax and Quebec Railway

Bright Nights


Crossing the Atlantic in Seven Days

Long Train

Farmers, Make Your Own Candles

To Make Pearls

American Steamships

Mr. Paine Literally Blown Up

Experiments with Galvanized Wire and Hemp Ropes

The Comet

Tall Work

Society of Public Health

Monster Dividend

Manufactures in Providence, RI

Large Hammer

Great Steamboat Speed

Death of an Inventor

An English Legal Decision

Fire-Proof Buildings

An Interresting Relic

A Scene Altogether American

A Gold Placer on the Arkansas River

The Siamese Twins Dead

Ohio State Board of Agriculture

Terrible Fire in Philadelphia

Rapid Travelling

Delaware Powder

East India Antiquities

Scientific Memoranda


Interesting Discovery near Pittsburg

Charleston Cotton Manufacturing Co.


Improvement in Photography

The Elephant and the Camel

New Tent

Improved Churn

New Oyster Opener

Will Saltpetre Explode

A Useful Machine

Remington's Bridge

New Method of Refining Gold

Wheeling Bridge

New Locomotive and Value of its Patent

Stereolaic Cloth

Water Versus Steam Power

Register Hygrometer

New Ink

Death of the President

Responsibility of Editors

New Method of Tanning

Explosion of Steam Boilers

Pennington's Aerial Ship

Filligree Work

The Scientific American

List of Patent Claims

Reform of the Patent Laws

Back Volumes Scientific American

An Improved Straw Cutter

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

To Inventors and Mechanics

Lightning and Lightning Conductors

Lord Rosse's Telescope and the Binary Stars

Strange Phenomenon


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