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For Vegetarians

Bite of an Aligator

Improved Domestic Mangle

The Toronto and Lake Huron Railroad

A Rascal of a Savan

Another Planet

Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad

Pacific Railroad

Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad

Great Inland Voyage

Cabbage Prevents Drunkenness


Scientific Voyage

Sentence of Prof. Webster

Sir Robert Peel

Terrific Storm

The Atlantic Steamship

Iron Business of Northern New York

Iron for Car Wheels

The New Cabinet

Leonard's Mechanical Principal

Quadrature of the Circle

Remarks on Diet

Unpaid Letters

Letter from Mr. Paine

Review of the Rise Progress, and Present Importance of Cotton Manufactures of the U. S. together with Statistics showing the Comparative and Relative remuneration of English and American Operatives

Duplex Safety Valve

Hard Black-Lead Pencils for Artists

Imitation of Platina

Imitation of Gold

A New Rotary Steam Engine

The Wheeling Bridge

Life Boats

New Mode of Preserving Pork

New Nautical Instrument

New Reaping Machine

New Soft Metalic Packing for Stuffing Boxes

New Tobacco Sifter

Coating Iron Pipes with Glass

Daguerreotype of a Star

Powers of the Patent Office

Important Curious and Scientific Information about Water Steam Ice and Explosions

A National Steam Marine

Light—Lamps and Candles

Treatment of the Disease of President Taylor

Patent Cases

Ballooning in Portugal

Woodworth Planing Machine

List of Patent Claims

To Purify Sea Water

An Improved Straw Cutter

About Pumps

The Indiana Gold Region

American and English Steamships

Back Volumes Scientific American


To Inventors and Mechanics

Lightning and Lightning Conductors

A Corps of Sappers and Miners

A Chinese Art

Iron Mountain

Improvements in the Manufacture of Sugar

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

Freezing Mixtures


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    To Correspondents

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    Important Notice to Us!

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July 27, 1850