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Improved Anti-Friction Metal Stuffing Box

East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad

For Vegetarians

A Crazy Man and a Locomotive

The New Jersey Railroad

British West India Mail Company

Gas Light in Savannah


Yankee Shoes

Singular Escape of Two Females from Shipwreck

New Spiritual Knockings

Extensive Bakery

Amusing Incident

Ship Timber from Wisconsin

Limestone Water and Cholera

American Factories in Ireland

Wheat in the West

The Industrial Exhibition in London

Scientific Memoranda

English Wool League


Value of Diamonds

Planting of Tea Nuts

The Ninevite Remains—Curious Discovery

Review of the Rise Progress and Present Importance of Cotton Manufactures of the U. S. together with Statistics showing the Comparative and Relative remuneration of English and American Operatives

New Life Preserving Mattresses

Parmelee's Computing Machine

Machine for Planing Short Boards for Boxes

Important Philanthropic Discovery—Virtue of the Dragon Blood Plant

Condensing Engine for Street Locomotion

Lumber Business of Oswego

New Sash Brace or Window Fastener

Hollow Bricks

New Mode of Lighting Street Lamps

Improvements in the Steam Engine

The Cause of the Explosion at Philadelphia

Patentable Subjects


Central Committee of the United States for the Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations

Advancement of the Arts—Robert Peel

Water and Steam

The Electric Light

Reform of the Patent Laws

Commissioner of Patents

List of Patent Claims

Woodworth Planing Machine—Patent Decisions

Back Volumes Scientific American

An Improved Straw Cutter

A Wonderful Diamond

Origin of Malleable Iron and Patent Leather

Flax made to Resemble Cotton

How to Eat Pineapple

Experiments of Shot on Iron Vessels

History of Propellers and Steam Navgation


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