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Accident on the Erie Railroad

Thunder Storms

Mechanics' Fair

Mr. Ewbank

Oil Cloth Manufacture

Passengers Over the Hungerford Suspension Bridge

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

Commonplace Talk

Consumption of Gas in England

Covering for Gravel Walks

Errors in Cooking

The Danger of Giving the Wrong Medicine

Artificial Legs

American Scientific Association

Soda and Chloride of Lime

Site of Paradise

Rejoice Not at Misfortune

A High Authority

Patent SultParker's Water Wheel

Honor to an American Historian

Girard and Mobile Railroad

Glaze For Muslin

Espy's Theories

Every Man His Own Physician

East Tennessee Mining and Manufacturing Company

Watson's Sewing Machine

The Siamese Twin


Velocity of Electricity

Water and Coal Gas


The Electric Light—Mr. Paine's Discovery Corroborated by Experiment

For the Scientific American. Review of the Rise, Progress, and Present Importance of Cotton Manufactures of the U. S., together with Statistics, showing the Comparative and Relative remuneration of English and American Operatives.

Devlin's Lubricating Liquid

Improved Power Loom

Improved Railroad Sleepers and Chairs

Improved Rice Cleaner

Mending Cast Iron Vessels by Fusion

Carbon or Coal

Employment of Gutta Percha in Medicine

American Water Pipes

Southern Shoes

Improved Augur

Ide's Improved Grain Drill

Good Plan for Fertilizing Land

Wooden Cornices on Houses

To Make Tracing Paper

Water Wheels

The Progress of Invention

The Gillard Light

Improved Pile Driver


The Rapids of the Jordan

List of Patent Claims

New Plour—Qulck Work

Patent Case—Woodworth Planing Machine

Back Volumes Scientific American

Important Notice to us

Duggan's Work on Bridges


To Mechanics, Inventors and Manufacturers

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation


Astronomy—Saturn's Ring

To Color Nankeen


Inducements for Clubbing


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August 10, 1850