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An Army of Laborers Wanted

Dimpfel's Coal-Burning Locomotive

More Steamships

New Rope for an Inclined Plane

Hubbell's Solar Magnetic Engine

Chicago and Galena Railroad

Griffin's Boiler Furnaces

Iron Business of Pennsylvania

Geological Survey of Canada

A Cure for the Bite of Venomous Animals

Culture of Arrow Root in Florida

Foreign Correspondence

Claim for the Solar Magnetic Engine

A Cholera Cure

Sugar Cane in the High Lands of the South

American Institute

Will Saltpetre Explode—Verdict of the Jury

New Discoveries

Advice to Patentees

New York Institution of Civil Engineers

Fire Damp

More About the Gillard Light from Water

New Railroad Switch

List of Patent Claims

Judge Woodbury's Charge

Iron Bridge

A Stalworth Workman

Massachusetts Coal

Back Volumes Scientific American


New Prospectus of the Scientific American

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

Explosions of Boilers

Cannon Balls and Locomotives

Petition of Inventors

Olifient Gas

New Apparatus for Drying Baggasse

To Color Nankeen

The English Locomotives at Work

Falling Walls


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  • To Our Correspondents

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  • Letters

    Important Notice to Us

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