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Portland and Vicksburg Railroad

Mississippi and Atlantic Railroad

Milk of Almonds for the Complexion

Fig Pie

Violet Powder

Improved Grain Cleaning Machine

To Make Good Brown Bread

Provisions for Field Hands

The Calhoun Statue

A Cave Discovered at Sharon

Col Hamilton's Mode of Cultivating Cotton

The Introduction of Carrige Making in Newark, New Jersey

Substitute for Blowing Rocks

Valuable Invention

The Expected Great Comet

Foreign Correspondence

Hooped Ships

Origin of the Words Blanket, Worsted, Kerseymere and Linsey Woolsey

Water Versus Steam Power

Electro Magnetism as a Motive Power

Balloon Railway

Gas from Water

Terra Cotta

Improvement in the Flax Manufacture

Improved Lathe Machine

Van Anden's Patent Rail Chair

Larkin's Improvement in Augur Handles

More About the Electric Water Light

Large Steam Hammers

Cooking by Gas

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Meteoric Shower

A Self-Acting Saw Mill

Ohio State Fair

Water Telescope

Experiments in Aerostation

The Hydrogen Gas Light

Restoring and Preserving the Sight

Impostor—Look Out

Coal Formations

Lake Superior Copper

The Industrial Exhibition of 1850

List of Patent Claims

Important Notice to Us

Back Volumes Scientific American

Patent Claims

Egyptian Superstitions

Flemish Lace Makers and Lace Making

Experiments with Metals

Spirits of Turpentine a Cure for Poison

New Prospectus of The Scientific American

History of Propeller and Steam Navigation


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