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Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad

Useful Receipts

North American Colony Railroad

Scouring Drops for Removing Grease

Improvement in Padlocks

Compound for Promoting the Blowing of Flowers

Buffalo and Detroit Railway

Self-Varying; Tailors & Measure

American Association for the Advancement of Science

The Siamese Twins

Old Times

History and Construction of the Thermometer

A New Way to Puzzle Rogues

The Honey Bird

A Gigantic Statue

New Artificial Leech and Cupping Tube

Self-Lifting Water-Wheel

Improved Granite Lifting Wedge

Foreign Scientific Memoranda

Coating Iron with Copper

Scientific Association

New Brick Machine

Mechanics' Fair

Ocean Encroachments

Telegraph Extension

Improvements in the Scientific American

Improvements in Railroad Travelling

Agricultural Machinery

A Tall Chimney

The Great Case of the Parker Water Wheel

Patent Case

Ostrich Hunting

Mineral Paint Discovered in Massachusetts

Novel Suspension Bridge—An Army of Monkeys

A Devoted Naturalist

List of Patent Claims

Kentucky Tobacco Crop

Boston as it Was

Now is Your Time

Important Notice to Us!

Patent Claims

Means of Counteracting the Effects of Corrosive Sublimate


French Polish

White Hair and Black—A Fact Worth Knowing

Giant's Bones

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

Hard Coal Ashes


  • From the Editor

    Advice to Correspondents

  • To Correspondents

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August 31, 1850