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Improved Brick Making Machine

Railroad Depots in New York City

The Manufacture of Varnished Leather in France

Glazing Iron Vessels


Anti-Attrition and Axle Grease

Light Locomotives

Iron Railroad Bridges

American Association for the Advancement of Science

History and Construction of the Thermometer

The Building for the Great Fair

Patent Cause Decision

Improved Scythe Snath

A Galvanic or Electric Harpoon for Paralizing Whales

Crank Indicator

Wonderful Machine

Sudden Death of an Inventor

Battin's Coal Breaker

Solvent for Old Putty and Paint

English Plate Glass

Improved Candlestick

Improvements in Locomotives—The Grand Object Accomplished

Water for Charleston

The Inventor of Pegged Boots

Gigantic Marine Work

How to Arrest Cholera

A Patent Wanted. Who Would Have Believed It?

Commissioner of Patents

Particular Notices

The World's Industrial Exhibition

Formation of Rain

New Roofs

List of Patent Claims

Now is Your Time

Experiments with Metals

New Prospectus of the Scientific American

Mill Driven by Artesian Wells

History of Propellers and Steam Navigation

A Balloon Railway


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September 07, 1850

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