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The First Railroad in Wisconsin

Another Splendid Locomotive

Carpenters' Improved Bench Hook

Baird's Spark Arrester

Central Railroad

Improved Shooting Harpoon

Sale of the Franklin Railroad

Skill of Dentists


American Association for the Advancement of Science

British Association for the Advancement of Science

The Voltaic Battery

Washington Irving's British Copyright

Compressed Air Engine

Tea Cultivation

Ocean Steamers

Appropriation for Electro Magnetism

Improvement in the Purifying of Gas

Interesting to Inventors

Improvement in the Manufacture of Flour


Invention for the Opening of Iron Shutters of Stores

New and Improved Kind of Soap

No. 1 Vol. 5, Sci. Am

Philadelphia Art-Union Plate

Prizes by the American Institute

To Our Contemporaries

War about the Materials of the Washington Monument

A Question for the Curious—Molten Metals

An Improved Water Wheel

Genius is Democratic

Machine for the Artificial Production of Ice

Our Foreign Correspondence

The Sea Serpent

The Sinking of Ice

List of Patent Claims

Iron Direct from the Ore

The Quickest Passage

Steam between Philadelphia and Liverpool

New Prospectus

To Mechanics, Inventors, and Manufactures

Scientific Memoranda

Kanawha, Va., Salines


How to Lengthen a Leg

Caving in of Mines

An Insect Scourge

Van Kuran's Patent Railroad Car Wheel

Trees of the South


  • From the Editor


  • To Correspondents

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September 28, 1850