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Balloon Snow Storm

Battin's Coal Breaker

Cotton Trade of the City of Glasgow

New Style of Railway Car

British Association for the Advancement of Science

Scientific Memoranda

Steam and Water Power

Another Important Discovery

Improved Smut Machine

Iron Carpeting

Marine Salinometer



Novel and Ingenious Experiment

Preparation of Butter for Keeping

The Post Office

The Voltaic Battery

The London Industrial Exhibition

City Graveyards and Funerals

Elevated City Railroads

Light from Water

New Muzzle for Rifles

Telegraph Case

Another Discovery of Mr. Paine

Cure for Scalds and Burns

List of Patent Claims


Bound Vol. 5 Now Ready

Important Notice to us!

To Zinc or Galvanize Iron


Patent Safety Spirit Lamp

New Prospectus

Scientific American to mechanics, inventors, and Manufacturers

Improvement in the Method of Mounting Teeth


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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October 05, 1850

Confronting Common Wisdom