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Rotary Platen Printing Press

To Make Effervescing Lemonade

The Toronto and Lake Simcoe Railway

Michigan and Indiana Railroad

To Imitate Rose Wood

Suspension Bridge at Lewistown

Railroad Opening in Great Britain

To Imitate Black Rosewood

Railroad Law

A Grand Explosion of a Chalk Cliff

A Scientific Hatching Machine

British Association for the Advancement of Science

A New Sugar Cane

Purifying of Gas

Bridge Across the Straits of Dover

Distilling Improvements

The Voltaic Battery

Wild Rice

Scientific Memoranda

Improved Process of Casting

Improved Grinding and Pounding Machine

Recent Foreign Patents

Capt. Taggart's Aerial Propeller

Improved Saw

Water-Proof Cloth

Water Versus Steam Power

Reform of the Patent Laws

Composition Roofs

City Railroads

Asphaltum Mining in New Brunswick

History of Propellers

Who will Accept the Offer?

Patent Ca

Wonderful Transformation

List of Patent Claims

Fair of the American Institute

Important Notice to Us!

Bound Vol. 5, Now Ready

New Prospectus

To Mechanics, Inventors, and Manufacturers

Self-acting Hydraulic Syphon Ram

Improvements in Gas Manufacture

The Steam Whistle

Electro Magnetism Triumphant over Steam


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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