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European and North American Railway

Rochester and Niagara Falls Railroad

Kittle's Patent Planing Machine

The Wheeling Bridge Case

Fair of the American Institute

Australian Cotton

The Voltaic Battery

Sub-Marine Telegraph under the Atlantic

British Patent Laws

Pavements in Boston

Another Coal Locomotive

Sewell's Marine Salinometer

Electro Magnetic Engine—Letter from Prof. Page

Proof of Excellence

Improvement in Seraphines

The India Rubber Patent Case

Immoral Publications

A Cheap Paper

The Sea Serpent

Hints to Inventors and Patentees

Virginia Cannel Coal

Heating of Railroad Cars

From California

List of Patent Claims

Battin's Coal Breaker, and Bone Machinery

Important Notice to Us!

Patent Claims

Bound Vol. 5, Now Ready

Distances across the Ocean

Cool Impudence


New Prospectus

To Mechanics, Inventors, and Manufacturers

The Rain Gauge

Scientific Memoranda

To Remove Incrustations from Boilers


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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October 19, 1850

Confronting Common Wisdom